Our Interior Design Process

My clients are as deeply inspired by nature and places as I am. When I’m on a trail, or the landscape of a site where your home will be built, surrounded by beauty, I am in walking meditation and contemplation. I love unleashing my imagination when all of my senses feel so alive.

My first impression of the home or site where it will be built is the surrounding landscape. I notice the texture of the bark on the trees, in soft muted greys and earthy hues. I observe the leaves, regardless of the season. If it’s winter I see the possibility. In spring and summer it’s the variegated green. In autumn I’m inspired by the glorious plum, garnet and amber tones, the crunch of leaves beneath my feet.

This immersion in nature unlocks my design imagination and empowers me to create a sensory experience in your home that will touch your eyes, nose, ears, fingertips.



Then… I create sketches and visual collages to collaborate with you and to capture your interior vision.

The materials and textures I work with, many of them found in nature, will form the foundation for your home. The exquisite grain of walnut or oak… the earthy quality of hand-poured concrete… the patina of handmade metalwork… the nubby weaves of silk, linen or wool… the reflective shine of glass work in lighting design… My clients embrace an interior that is more than a visual feast. It’s an
experience you also feel as you curl up on your buttery leather sofa, cozy up under a luscious mohair throw, or as you walk barefoot across a vintage handwoven Moroccan carpet with a story of its own.



It concludes in a layered, textured, beautiful finished space… A home that reflects you and your family’s personality and lifestyle. A place in which to relax and live life. Your sanctuary.



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